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"I LOVED the Getty Ready paper "Celebrate 150 Years of the Gettysburg Address!" that was in our local San Juan Record. I would like to know how I can purchase 25+ more copies, so that I can give one to each of my 21 grandchildren and their parents. I want to encourage them to read/study the paper at Home Evening(s)! I love Pres. Lincoln and have decided to take the challenge of memorizing the Gettysburg Address. What a blessing this paper is to all of us, not just in Utah, but throughout the nation! One of my grandchildren is in Mr. Robert Turk's 5th grade class at Blanding Elementary. Mr. Turk is a phenomenal teacher - the kids don't just study history, they live it, through him! My granddaughter who is in the 8th grade now, still has the Gettysburg Address memorized thanks to this teacher! I would really appreciate your help in purchasing more of these valuable papers. Thank you."
"Hello from Roy, Utah. I am a 5th grade teacher at Freedom Elementary school and I challenged all my fifth grade students to memorize the Gettysburg Address. Many students have taken on the challenge. Some even had it memorized the very next day it was assigned. Most importantly, they can explain the importance of the address and how it can empower them today as young citizens of America. Thank you for your website and the efforts in promoting such valuable piece of history."
"i plan on having students recite "in flanders fields," a poem which they have been memorizing from veteran's day commemoration. then, they will complete a venn diagram showing the differences & similarities between the poem "in flanders fields" and the "gettysburg address" as shown under the teacher's document camera. students will then write a one page essay giving their reasons/explanation for their own sense of patriotism citing out of both documents and their morning pledge of allegence. "
"I loved hearing about Pres. Lincoln when I was a kid and reading about his history. In fifth grade I had to make a scrape book about each of the states and in that scrape book I put in several articles about President Lincoln from the newspaper. I am now 64 yrs old and now looking back now, I bet it was the 100th celebration of his address??? By the way, I think I still have them stored away somewhere, because I couldn't through them away when was cleaning out a few months ago!"